[ubuntu-uk] Ubuntu One and Software Centre

Paul Tansom paul at aptanet.com
Thu Apr 17 16:08:39 UTC 2014

I've just been clearing out my Ubuntu One data, not much to do as it only ever
worked from my phone (until yesterday ironically) so I stopped using it pending
getting time to fix it. I still wanted to check what was there before it was
deleted though, and looking at the list of devices I notice that I had the
Ubuntu Software Centre listed for a couple of machine. I've not used it in a
while, but wondered whether the facility to share information about installed
packages between machines was going with Ubuntu One, or whether that facility
would still be available. Anyone know?

As an aside, that is largely irrelevant now, I noticed that that last login
information is completely inaccurate. Mine has the last web login as the 9th
April, when I logged in yesterday; the Software Centre on this machine claims
to have last sync'd today, but Ubuntu One claims it was last used on 10th Nov
2011; and FileExpert on my phone is listed as 27th Jan when, again, I used it
yesterday. Perhaps this feature no longer works, or already stores data

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