[ubuntu-uk] Unity - was Cloud backup ....

Bea Groves beagroves at gmail.com
Wed Apr 9 10:31:13 UTC 2014

You're right about it being a Marmite moment. I've tried with Unity for 
some time, and just couldn't get it to 'take' with me. Nevertheless, I'm 
happy to teach it to my students.

Barry Drake wrote:
> On 09/04/14 10:20, Bea Groves wrote:
>> One of the reasons I have avoided Unity ;-)
>> (Apart from not liking the look).
> It's like Marmite - folk either love it or hate it.  As for me, there's
> no way I'd want to be stuck with those messy gnome menus again.  The
> only thing that has annoyed me in the past are the folk who wouldn't
> give it a few days before going off to Mint or whatever.  Incidentally,
> not one member of my family complained about Unity.  We all just took to
> it instantly.
> Regards,        Barry.

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