[ubuntu-uk] Problems with a freezing machine: All kernels in 12.04 and 13.04

James Morrissey morrissey.james1 at gmail.com
Fri Sep 6 09:12:33 UTC 2013

> Hi all,
> Good news on this.
> I removed bcmwl-kernel-source, and installed firmware-b43-installer.
> However this rendered my wireless useless.
> I then started googling on how i would get my broadcom card working
> without bcmwl-kernel-source and came across a post which described building
> the driver from the Broadcom page, with some patches, and getting it to
> work on the 3.5 kernel (
> http://www.mindwerks.net/2012/06/wireless-bcm4312-with-the-3-4-and-3-5-kernel/).
> Comments seemed positive with some people saying it works on 13.04 as well.
> So i built the driver following the instructions on the site (feeling
> nervous about sticking a patch on it given the previous conversation on
> this forum about linux trojans...). I have been running without a freeze
> for about 72 hours hours now, having spent as much time on battery as i
> could. The only slight downside of using the driver in this configuration
> is that it takes slightly longer to pick up wireless after suspend.
> I'll stick with things as they are for the rest of the week and then think
> about installing 13.04 and trying things there.
> Does anyone know why the driver from the restricted drivers package would
> compile a buggy proprietary driver.
Following up on this with 13.04. Using the instructions from
mindwerks.netto compile the STA driver, does not appear to get my
wireless working on
13.04. I have thus had to resort to using bcmwl-kernel-source.

Freezes are back when on battery power. I also get the following error
message when i boot with bcmwl-kernel-source installed.

INFO @wl_cfg80211_attach : Registered CFG80211 phy

When it is not installed i get no error (and no wireless).

Google tells me that other people have had this message but it has been
benign. I am not sure if its related to the freezes in my case, but i am
sure the issue lies with the wireless driver.

I also tried bumaw at wp.pl suggestion to get things working on mint:
-driver-on-ubuntu-and-linux-mint/ ; but they did not work.

If anyone has any suggestions i'd appreciate them.


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