[ubuntu-uk] Deja-dup & [lucky] backup

SuperEngineer boosys at gmail.com
Thu May 30 15:01:09 UTC 2013

Last week a partition resize failed & completely borked my Ubuntu

I had various backups in various places, none recent enough to bring me
back to a position of strength.  Then I remembered Deja-dup had run
automatically only 2 days previously.  Combined with my documents [admin
stuff updated daily] being on Ubuntu1.
Grin & laugh time!

I decided to do a clean up at the same time so reinstalled [12.04] from
live disk & ran updates.  I doewnloaded extra apps and utils wanted &
then restored from Deja-dup to a separate folder. This allowed me to
pick and choose the apps I wanted stuff restored to.  My situation was
strong but was one off luck.

The reason for this mail is one of a "don't count on luck" theme.

Deja-dup saved my bacon.  It was however on a separate partition *not* a
separate disk! What if the partition resize failed grotesquely enough to
bork the disk?

Deja-dup now runs weekly & backs up to the other disk in pooter that was
used for [in retrospect] non-essential stuff.

Whilst preaching to many of the converted here - there may be a few who
could take this as a reminder of rule 1 & rule 2.  Rule 1 = *backup*.
Rule 2 = check your restore strategy!!

My next step - to buy that external disk I kept putting off buying!!  ;)

Bill B. [SuperEngineer]

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