[ubuntu-uk] Dixons/PC World response .....

Barry Drake ubuntu-advertising at gmx.com
Thu May 9 21:07:51 UTC 2013

On 09/05/13 21:51, alan c wrote:
> A few years ago, I requested, and was granted, a chat with the Manager 
> of PCWorld (Reading). I  asked if I could do a small demo of (Ubuntu) 
> near the door one weekend, and hand out leaflets. I showed one of my 
> (computer fair) leaflets. It was a relaxed conversation. He simply 
> asked 'Can I sell it?' I said,
> 'Well, it is free.' He responded, before hurriedly rushing off, 'Not 
> interested.'

Alan, I was in business for many years.  I was in it firstly to give 
service to my customers and secondly to earn a crust or two!  I was not 
in it for altruistic reasons, although I have done a bit of 'pro bono' 
from time to time.  A manager is only going to pick up on our offers if 
he might benefit him/herself, his/her trade and his/her customers.

He/she doesn't keep Linux enabled computers because they are poor 
sellers in comparison to other operating system kit.  He/she DOES 
already stock Linux enabled peripherals.  Knowledge of this fact WILL 
gain (a few) sales with no cost to the store other than a bit of 
training.  ergo any right-minded manager will think seriously about 
looking into this.  AND this will raise awareness that Linux is a 
'force' to be reckoned with.  May 'the force' be with us!!!!

Regards,        Barry.

Barry Drake is a member of the the Ubuntu Advertising team.

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