[ubuntu-uk] Packard Bell, what wonderful support!

William Anderson neuro at well.com
Thu May 9 17:38:34 UTC 2013

On Thu, May 9, 2013 at 11:53 AM, Gareth France <gareth.france at gmail.com> wrote:
> I thought I would just bring the experiences I'm having with Packard Bell /
> Acer to everyone's attention. I've been unhappy with my laptop since the day
> I got it and it seems to be falling apart very rapidly. I have been trying
> to get it looked at but it's like pulling teeth!
> Oddly enough linux hasn't been the biggest stumbling block. Anyway, if
> anyone fancies a giggle the entire conversation with them is logged on my
> blog page:
> http://cliftonts.co.uk/cubuntu/?p=209

After reading this, it looks like you've had a fairly typical
experience: you've engaged outsourced frontline support for a low-tier
electronics manufacturer, and you've wandered outside the bounds of
their scripts.  When dealing with a box shifter like Packard Bell, the
easiest way to get a result is conform as much as possible to their
requests and get the machine shipped off as soon as possible
(preferably covered by a home and contents or business asset policy).
If you can send it back with a relatively stock OS install, even

And I'm afraid I agree with Liam here.  If the data on the laptop (one
which you readily admit is "junk") is of any material importance to
you or your business, get it backed up by whatever means necessary.  I
personally use a mixture of rsnapshot (for my Ubuntu servers) and Time
Machine (for my Mac desktops/laptops) to give me a comprehensive layer
of recoverable backup data.  If you're unable to invest in a hard disc
to drop data onto, have you considered a bunch of DVD-Rs?  Or perhaps
you'd be able to temporarily borrow a USB HDD, or USB-SATA adapter and
a regular 2.5"/3.5" drive, from a fellow IT type?  Perhaps someone on
list has some spare kit they could punt your way?

Also, you're concerned about retaining your data to run your business
- how will you access the data if the laptop is gone?  If you're
planning to use the Dell you mentioned, do you literally have 500GiB
used on your Packard Bell?  If it's all in $HOME, do a du -sch ~ - if
the answer is < free capacity of Dell computer, sorted!  If not, see
borrowing tips above!

Re: the phone number, just search for Acer on saynoto0870.com - there
are several hits which match or closely match the number you mentioned
in your blog post.

I think you're unnecessarily making a rod for your own back here when
some creative thinking could help you.  Rather than asking us to
giggle at a bunch of hapless support monkeys being forced outside of
the scope of their limited frontline support capabilities, ask the
community to help you out! :)


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