[ubuntu-uk] Dixons/PC World response .....

pete smout psmouty at live.com
Thu May 9 13:11:26 UTC 2013

On 09/05/13 13:35, Barry Drake wrote:
> On 09/05/13 13:00, Paul Sutton wrote:
>> Taking on the big boys is a big job, helping the smaller shops expand
>> what they offer may be the way forward. and it helps local small shops
>> which the high street needs too. If a small store offers something
>> unique then it helps them generate new customer interest. Just a few
>> thoughts. Paul
> A problem here is that there is no way any of the small shops can
> compete on price with the big boys.  And as we know, the big boys are
> driven by Microsoft to an unfair degree.

All true but speaking personally I would rather pay a *few* quid more 
for good knowledgeable service than save a fiver and get zero support!
But that's just me!
> Four years or so ago, I bought a Dell netbook with Ubuntu
> pre-installed.  I went in to our local Dixons at that time asking about
> purchasing from them but was told "We no longer stock it - they all came
> back".  I imagine they 'all came back' because of lack of
> staff-training.  OTOH the price of these netbooks from Dixons had been
> really keen.  No independent retailer could possibly have got near it!
> Regards,        Barry.

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