[ubuntu-uk] Unwanted kernels

A Untaintableangel at hotmail.co.uk
Sat May 4 16:01:38 UTC 2013

On 04/05/13 15:53, Tony Pursell wrote:
> Hi All
> Has anyone got any advice or tips on how to safely rid oneself of
> unwanted kernel.  I thought this was an issue that had been solved but
> I'm still left with 5 ver 2.6 and 8 ver 3.0 kernels despite having
> upgraded to Raring.  I don't mind keeping the latest 3.8 kernel and
> the 3.5 before that and the 3.2 before that.
> Tony
I normally fire up synaptic (synaptic package manager) and do a search
in the 'installed' section for 'linux-' and then remove what i don't
want. You could also search by version numbers. Make sure to pull out
the 'headers' and 'image' type packages - possibly 'image-extra' for
that version too. There are of course other ways of going about it. Just
as an added reminder: You can always check what version you're running
with the 'uname -a' command, or use'sudo update-grub2' to see a list of
all the installed kernel versions.
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