[ubuntu-uk] Unwanted kernels

Mark Fraser mfraz74+ubuntu at gmail.com
Sat May 4 14:57:19 UTC 2013

On 4 May 2013 15:54, "Tony Pursell" <ajp at princeswalk.fsnet.co.uk> wrote:
> Hi All
> Has anyone got any advice or tips on how to safely rid oneself of
unwanted kernel.  I thought this was an issue that had been solved but I'm
still left with 5 ver 2.6 and 8 ver 3.0 kernels despite having upgraded to
Raring.  I don't mind keeping the latest 3.8 kernel and the 3.5 before that
and the 3.2 before that.

I'm sure 13.04 does remove older kernels and only keeps the last 3, but
you'll have to remove the 2.6 and 3.0 kernels manually.
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