[ubuntu-uk] USB Scanner Issue

Nigel Verity nigelverity at hotmail.com
Fri May 3 19:47:42 UTC 2013


I'm running 12.04 and use an HP 3070 printer/scanner connected by USB.

If I boot with the device already connected and powered up, my scanner software always detects the device but returns an I/O error when I try to perform a document scan.

If I boot with the device powered up but NOT connected, then subsequently plug in the USB cable, everything works fine.

If I get the I/O error, unplugging the USB cable then plugging it back in does not solve the problem. I have to logout + logon.

I've used Simple Scan, HPLIP and gscan2pdf - it makes no difference.

The printer function works correctly under all connection scenarios.

Something about introducing a new USB device with Ubuntu already running seems to make all the difference. It's hardly a showstopper but it's still annoying. Any ideas?



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