[ubuntu-uk] No new mail notifications from Thunderbird in 13.04

Rowan Berkeley rowan.berkeley at gmail.com
Fri May 3 13:00:06 UTC 2013


I'm not seeing the two useful notifications that I usually had in 12.10 
and 12.04. I'm not talking about the optional balloon notification, I'm 
talking about:
(a) the horizontal bar that should appear across the Thunderbird 
launcher icon, with the number of new emails in it, similar to the one 
that appears across the Software Updater launcher icon when new updates 
are ready for installation;
(b) the envelope icon in the Menu Bar should turn blue when new mail 
I expect these widgets are still there in Thunderbird, but the links to 
the desktop manager are broken in the 13.04 Desktop Manager. Otherwise 
13.04 seems almost identical in behaviour to 13.10. The Files launcher 
and the Software Updater icon have a new appearance, but everything else 
is basically unchanged. These assessments apply to all three machines 
I've upgraded to 13.04

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