[ubuntu-uk] Virgin broadband from 20 to 60 megas

Tyler J. Wagner tyler at tolaris.com
Sun Jul 21 17:43:13 UTC 2013

On 2013-07-21 17:41, Tyler J. Wagner wrote:
> The Virgin Super Hub is absolute shite. I really miss my old Scientific
> Atlanta modem. I'm not sure the 60 mbit update was worth the change.

Sorry, please allow me to qualify that rant:

1. Wireless disassociations. Several per week per workstation.

2. Dropped established TCP sessions. Like to leave an SSH session open and
expect it to work the next day? Guess again.

3. Lock ups with high numbers of TCP or UDP sessions, such as with bittorrent?

Modem mode and using my own OpenWRT-based router resolves all that.


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