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Paul Sutton zleap at zleap.net
Fri Aug 23 18:31:06 UTC 2013

On 23/08/13 18:09, Muñiz Piniella, Andrés wrote:
> El 23/08/2013 08:31, "Jon Spriggs" <jon at sprig.gs
> <mailto:jon at sprig.gs>> escribió:
> >
> > Most, (if not all) councils outsource their IT to a 3rd party. This
> > outsourcing will be very fluffy around what technologies they expect
> > to be provided, but nearly all will state some kind of Technology
> > Refresh after X years.
> >
> > The Service Integrator (SI) I work for wouldn't even consider making
> > Linux part of the front-end refresh, so this will never be offered to
> > the customer.
> >
> > So, rather than lobbying your MP, local Council or Ward officials
> > (many of whom wouldn't know an OS if it bit them on the nose), maybe
> > the people to speak to are the SI's or Outsourced Service Delivery
> > managers? Or, better yet, the Non-Elected-Official who liaises between
> > the council and the SI? They will "own the relationship", and will be
> > in more of a position to suggest that "perhaps next time round you
> > could put together a cost model for rolling out a Gnome/Unity/KDE
> > desktop, as well as pricing for Windows, just to see what the
> > cost/value differences are?" Which, incidentally, might be able to be
> > FOI'd - just saying...
> >
> I got in contact with the councillor that manages the libraries and
> asked him who manages the IT for libraries and his answer is "good
> question, i will find out".
> Any other idea on how to find out? I asked at the local library and
> twitter account for all libraries and their info was out of date.
Of course


if true can present a very very strong argument against using Windows
8,  esp from a data protection viewpoint,  I know GCHQ may intercept
certain data but employees of GCHQ would be possibly bound by the
official secrets act, ad there are UK laws they need to abide by,  where
as the NSA doesn't have to abide by any of these and can use any
intercepted data as they wish,   once passed back to GCHQ minus where it
came from makes it much harder to protect.

clearly we need to establish facts, the link is to 1 website we need
more than 1 source to make a proper assessment of the situation but that
can come later.





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