[ubuntu-uk] Not everyone is an expert!

Paul Sutton zleap at zleap.net
Thu Aug 22 21:57:18 UTC 2013

On 22/08/13 15:59, Gareth France wrote:
>>> It's not just here. I have seen this in other online forums. It seems
>>> that when you require the help the most is when certain individuals
>>> have the least patience. I shall continue to lurk but I'm afraid that
>>> my enthusiasm for engaging in conversation is not what it once was.
>> I second this,  I have come across the get lost and use google brigade
>> even when asking for advice based on peoples personal experiences,  with
>> something.  its really off putting,.   I have however found this forum
>> friendly and helpful so  in this context it is OTHER forums where I have
>> had problems.  but end of the day it's still the GNU/Linux community
>> that looks bad.
>> Paul
> I am in a dead area for user groups and would like to start one up. I
> feel it would be a great help to have something physical where people
> can go for help, support and encouragement. However whenever I mention
> this and try to push for it I just get hit with a whole lot of
> negative comments and lethargy. Nobody seems willing to support the
> idea at all and I think it's a real shame. There seems to be a lot of
> laziness and 'let somebody else deal with it' attitude going on. I'm
> more than happy to set one up but it's not easy when you don't have
> any proof that anybody else will even turn up!
> We all need to remember at all times that when we talk on these
> forums, chat rooms, web pages that we are representing the brand
> (whichever floats your boat) and so should keep it positive,
> constructive and supportive at all times. If any of us feels the need
> to drag the tone down we really shouldn't be doing so in such a public
> way, keep it 1 on 1.

Yeah devon ./ cornwall is a bit like that,  i organize meetings in
Paignton once a month,

1 just find a venue,  and organise a date time,  then promote it,   i do
that with the paignton meets it varies between just me, 2 of us, or a
group of 5, 10 or 10+ depending on when the meeting is.

It is helpful to say what the venue provides, as in food / drink, is it
child friendly (remember pubs may not allow under 14's in and sometimes
people may bring their kids due to no choice or its the kids who may
have the interest

is there wifi,  (free),  you usually have to buy something and then ask
for the wifi info.

parking (see if you can provide info on parking)

power sockets etc, (good for meetings,)

Can people plug in things like laptops etc,  trust me some lug meets we
end up with tables full of wires, cables, robots, laptops and other bits
of tech,  lol

I am beginning to think promoting it as a Linux meeting may put people
off,  comparing how many goto the exeter pi jams to exeter lug meets
(far more at the former),  so it may be worth looking in to how you name
it,  computer group meeting, covers Windows, Mac, Linux, raspberry pi, 
could attract people, 

will the venue be ok to plug in laptops etc

so maybe set it up differently, http://plymouthwebdev.org/ group for
example have a simple webpage and a monthly meeting buit you just follow
them on twitter,  it may be easier,  and people then join that group  So
it may be a case of something like that,  so you're not Linux specific,
but can suggest a Open source bias (ruby is open source for example)  so
you then appeal to a wider audience,  if you want to attract raspberry
pi users,  make sure the venue is family friendly (and have a policy
from the start that kids come with parents) they should anyway,

print a poster with computer group name, meeting here,  mine has a pic
of tux,  then make sure you have something by a table where you are, 
let staff know too so they can direct people, maybe wear a t-shirt that
looks geeky

Once you have a group meeting socially then take it from there.

I am tied up with rugby for most of the year but I arrange the meet on
the 2nd satuday regardless, the group still meet up without me and do
their own thing,  but its regular,

Hope this helps and good luck,  don't be dis-hartened by lack of
attendance initially,  once you get going advertise in local papers, put
up posters and maybe even let schools know as there are technicians and
teaches who are getting in to all this too.





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