[ubuntu-uk] Missing post

Gareth France gareth.france at gmail.com
Fri Oct 26 16:11:48 UTC 2012

>> On a side note my thunderbird install is behaving oddly. I have
>> several folders set up in gmail with filters to direct the mail.
>> Even though my machine is set to auto refresh all my mail accounts
>> every 10 mins and I've manually used 'get all mail' a number of
>> times I had NO EMAIL from email. However clicking on the freecycle
>> folder unleased a tsunami of emails, clicking on the ubuntu folder
>> where these posts go did something similar.
> I'm yet to find a mail client that doesn't do this.
It doesn't do it all the time, it just seems to go blind to new mail 
every now and again. Annoying but not really a problem. As for VLC it's 
very odd that it was fine and now it's not. I haven't even been able to 
do updates so nothing on the system has changed.

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