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Paula Graham pmgazz at gmx.co.uk
Mon Oct 15 17:10:07 UTC 2012

Thanks Phill - really, we just need a reasonable-sized room with
moveable tables, power outlets, and to be able to cable onto the
internet - doing Ubuntu laptop installations without cable often results
in having to send people home without wifi drivers installed which is
not good for beginners. I've got portable projector and stuff so can
bring anything else that's needed for sessions with a demo aspect.

At the last space we had, we could make tea and coffee, chat, mill about
etc so it could be very informal.  We avoid pubs - no wifi and also we
try to make everything women-friendly as well as man-friendly and
milling about drinking tea in a low-key environment is less intimidating
- probably for beginners of all sorts and sizes ;) Helps if convenient
for transport and reasonably central too.


On 15/10/12 17:31, Phill Whiteside wrote:
> Hi Paula,
> if you let me know what you need for your Ubuntu sessions, I'll see if
> I can sort something out for you.
> Regards,
> Phill.
> On 15 October 2012 17:12, Paula Graham <pmgazz at gmx.co.uk
> <mailto:pmgazz at gmx.co.uk>> wrote:
>     On 15/10/12 15:20, Alan Bell wrote:
>>     Hi all,
>>     There is an event coming up which might be of interest to a
>>     number of people on the list, 3 days at Bletchley Park focused on
>>     career options for women in the Free and Open Source industry:
>>     http://www.flossie.org/?page_id=596
>>     The event is being run for the startlingly low price of £15 for
>>     three days and would be of interest to any women seeking a career
>>     in this fast growing sector.
>>     Anyone seeking to fill posts might want to contact the organisers
>>     to find out how best to proceed. Anyone of any gender looking for
>>     a job in the Surrey area might want to give me a shout off list :)
>>     Alan.
>     Thanks Alan - didn't post to this list before as was afraid it
>     would be off-topic. Women can book on Eventbrite, there's a link
>     on the URL you gave or direct to Eventbrite here:
>     http://www.eventbrite.co.uk/event/4474780188 - the workshops are
>     really amazing, we've got women from IBM and prestigious creative
>     technology companies, participants will be making a simple android
>     app, getting to grips with BASH shell and GitHub and Drupal -
>     there's a women's tour of the National Museum of Computing thrown
>     in along with lunch etc and talks from successful open source
>     career women. Full programme here:
>     http://www.flossie.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/course_outline_and_plan_LIVE.pdf
>     There seems to be a bit of a problem recruiting people with decent
>     open source skills so we're trying to do something about that as
>     well as supporting women to take the plunge and start coding.
>     We're piloting a short taster course with women as Flossie - if it
>     goes well, we'll talk to some of the Universities we already work
>     with about developing a regular summer school - we'll run some for
>     women-only (confidence building) as Flossie and some for mixed
>     participants as Floss Talent (which has the OSC as a partner).
>     Happy to give more info - email info at flossie.org
>     <mailto:info at flossie.org>  :)
>     When we develop the longer summer school, it'd be good to include
>     something about how to get started contributing to Ubuntu
>     specifically so we can talk when the time comes?
>     Fossbox has lost our free space, by the way, which kiboshes our
>     Ubuntu sessions for the time being. We're looking at finding an
>     alternative host for them though.
>     We're also toying with the idea of adding a women's Ubuntu session
>     - but not sure if there'd be enough interest to make it worthwhile
>     - so hands up if you'd like one ;) 
>     Paula
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