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Anton Kanishchev antonk20117 at gmail.com
Sat Oct 13 17:51:07 UTC 2012

My bad, I thought they were in the uk :( . I think they do ship to UK but
the tax you would pay to get it over here (20 odd %) will negate any
savings. Taking into account the importance of hardware support it may be a
good idea to bring in a usb stick (with persistency) with all  your common
applications (not data) into a store and ask whether you can test drive the
os (ubuntu 12.04 for example). that way you can check whether the laptop
will work for you when(if) you do buy it. I heard that dell were going to
release a laptop with ubuntu preinstalled.
Is it a nessesity for you that you have a laptop and not a desktop. The
reason I am asking is that you can configure a desktop (even if you dont
build it yourself) to have all componnets be 100% compatible. There is a
list of compatible components on the ubuntu website.

          From my experience with linux the biggest problems in terms of
getting things to work are the graphics drivers and sound,sometimes
external monitors(related to graphics drivers in the first place). What
sort of specifications would you need/be looking for in a laptop(cpu
power,ram etc)? I think certain mobile chipsets are better supported than
others and full out of the box support is very dependant on the

Summary- I would go into a store and try out your favourite distro(with
just basic install but all latest updates) and see what happens-worst thing
is they wont let you do it, at least you would be able to test the laptop
before you commit yourself to buying one and spending hours(weeks?) sorting
all the (not so) little nags.

     Hope this helped somehow.

On 13 October 2012 18:28, Gordon Burgess-Parker <gbplinux at gmail.com> wrote:

>  On 13/10/12 18:21, Anton Kanishchev wrote:
> As far as I am aware there is also system76 that sell laptops with Linux
> pre installed. I think it only does ubuntu but not sure myself.
> Unfortunately they're in America!
>  Bearing in mind that laptops with Linux pre installed are not
> significantly cheaper than their windows counterparts. You would have more
> choice if you include windows laptops in your search. You can always wipe
> it if you don't want windows on your laptop.
> Yes - that's what I did with my current laptop, but only because the later
> versions of Ubuntu (beginning with 10.04 and now with 12.04) supported the
> hardware - previous versions did not. (Well not all of it).
> That's my concern - that if I buy an up to the minute laptop with Windows
> installed, and then find that 12.04 doesn't work properly, I'm in for a
> (possible) lot of hassle - hence the desire to get one with Ubuntu
> pre-installed.
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