[ubuntu-uk] Help required with a wi-fi networking problem

Barry Titterton titterton.barry at gmail.com
Thu Oct 11 09:22:38 UTC 2012


There is an established bug for WPA Enterprise wi-fi networks:


In the past few days a fix to the wpasupplicant package has been 
proposed that requires the user to enable the precise-proposed 
repository (see comment #109 in the above bug report/discussion). My 
question is:-

If I follow the wiki instructions for enabling the precise-proposed 
repository, what happens to my computer when the fix is released as an 
official update? Will I need to disable the precise-proposed repository? 
The laptop runs ubuntu 12.04.

My wife has just started as a mature(!?!) student at St Johns college in 
Durham university. The university network uses the aforementioned WPA 
Enterprise encryption system. All other students on her course use 
either Windows or Macs and they have, with a little struggle,  manged to 
connect to the university network. My wife's ubuntu laptop is the only 
machine that has, so far, failed to establish a connection. I will not 
be able to check if the fix has worked until I go into college tonight.

Are there any other Durham students on the mailing list, or students of 
other academic institutions, that have had this problem with their 
university's wi-fi network?


Barry T
In the frozen north.

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