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On 8 October 2012 14:44, Norman Silverstone <norman at littletank.org> wrote:

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>  When you say it is by wireless do you mean that you are effectively
>> sharing a wifi link with others, or is more sophisticated than that?
>> If you are sharing a wifi link then it is the wifi base station that
>> would have to have the port opened to your machine.
> There is an antenna fixed to my house which I am told receives a wireless
> signal.
>> If it is not shared wifi then can you give us more details of how it
>> works?  Who is the supplier?
> According to 'whatismyipaddress' the ISP is Virgin Media and the
> Organization is Telecoms Facilities Limited who fixed the installation and
> to whom I pay a monthly fee.
>> They may be alternatives to achieve what you want to without opening
>> ports.  What do you need the ports opened for?
> I want to open ports for remote access and to play games with my friends
> particularly Bridge Baron.
I know we had this communication before privately, but it looks like your
ISP is Virgin insofar as that is the gateway for your wireless service.
According to the company's website (walesbroadband.com) it's WiMAX, which
is no bad thing as it does provide a decent service but with their
architecture there probably isn't the facility for port forwarding as your
router almost certainly has an unrouted IP address and they can't or won't
route ports from the Internet gateway to your router.

You might be able to set something up using LogMeIn.com or a similar
service but depending on how their system is set up there's not necessarily
any guarantee of that.

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