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On 8 October 2012 13:58, Norman Silverstone <norman at littletank.org> wrote:

> I have never used this list before for a subject which is not related to
> Ubuntu but I cannot think where else to go. I would like to hear from any
> one who gets their broadband supplied by wireless (radio). My supply is by
> wireless because there is no reasonable supply any other way and I am
> unable to open ports on my router by port forwarding. What I am anxious to
> know is whether this is due to the method of supply or something else.
> Please, can any one help as the broadband supplier seems unable to do so?
Hi Norman -

You might be in a fairly unique situation here so unless there are other
people nearby who use the same service and subscribe to this list, we might
not be able to help specifically. However, if you give us more information
we might be able to have an idea of what's possible.

1. Who is the ISP?
2. What sort of service is it - eg is it 3G, or actual wifi (I suspect 3G)
3. What is the make and model of your router

I can guess how the service is presented and I think that you're going to
be limited by upstream options so you might have to use alternative
solutions that don't need port forwarding, and if it's about remote access,
consider Teamview.

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