[ubuntu-uk] Good general book on Ubuntu/Linux?

Ronnie Tucker ronnie at ronnietucker.co.uk
Sat Oct 6 19:09:44 UTC 2012

On 06/10/12 19:20, Sean Miller wrote:
> On 6 October 2012 19:10, Ronnie Tucker <ronnie at ronnietucker.co.uk 
> <mailto:ronnie at ronnietucker.co.uk>> wrote:
>     Feel free to submit articles, we're always on the look out for new
>     articles and columns. ANYONE can help.
> I could, but I don't understand that "New Guy" article.
> Could you elaborate on what it was meant to achieve?
> Opening a terminal to be able to open Firefox and then close it?? 
>  What was that about?
> I don't think that's an advert for the command line at all... and you 
> suggested your online magazine was a good thing for this fella that 
> wanted to learn.
> Sean

Tiz a bit harsh to judge all 65 issues on one particular article...

The article was generated using a new terminal command that was recently 
introduced. It's called humour. That particular column is meant to be 
light-hearted and not taken so seriously. It clearly states that it will 
explain things to you as though you're a five-year old.

Also, if more people wrote articles I'd have a bigger pool to choose from.
[hint hint folks]  :)

*All the best!*
/Ronnie Tucker/

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