[ubuntu-uk] Computer restarts on shutdown

James Morrissey morrissey.james1 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 4 20:11:37 UTC 2012

Hi all,

I have been having a problem with a new machine.

Occasionally when i go to shut it down, it restarts instead. If i try
and shut it down again, once it has rebooted to the login in screen,
it shuts down completely.

Sometimes it plays up and sometimes it doesn't i haven't be able to
work out what causes it.

I have read elsewhere that this might be a power setting in the BIOS,
but i think not as i) it doesn't happen in windows (which i dual boot)
and ii) it only happens some of the time and never if i shutdown
straight from the login screen.

Its not a world-ending problem, but its a bit of a hassle if i am in a
rush to go somewhere and want to shut my machine down and it decides
to restart.

All of this takes place when shutting down via the cog in the top
right of the panel.

I've had this question kicking around the forums for a couple of weeks
, but nothing has really come up. Someone suggested looking at the
logs, but i am not sure where i'd be looking or what i'd be looking

I was wondering if anyone on here might have any ideas.


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