[ubuntu-uk] Poor performance with Ubuntu on my laptop

Gareth France gareth.france at gmail.com
Thu Oct 4 15:43:26 UTC 2012

> Try chromium browser to see if that is better.  FF can be processor
> hungry.  Choosing the right apps may be more important than the
> distribution.
> sudo apt-get install chromium-browser
> Colin
As much as I appreciate what you're saying don't you think something is 
very wrong here? On my antique Dell I would routinely have Vuze open 
downloading, firefox running up to 6 or 7 tabs, VLC playing music or 
video, Thunderbird and Calc with up to 2 spreadsheets, one of them has 2 
sheets each with 3600 lines of data in them. That machine coped fine, if 
it wasn't for the lack of battery and dodgy power socket I'd much rather 
be using that.

Any brand new machine, however badly designed, should be capable of 
outperforming something which came with 60Gb HDD and no more than 1Gb RAM.

What difference, if any, do you think using 64 bit would make?

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