[ubuntu-uk] from 10.04 to 12.04 (was HUD vs gnome do)

Andres Muniz andresmp at gmail.com
Sun May 20 15:42:31 UTC 2012

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> On 19 May 2012 23:14, Andres Muniz <andresmp at gmail.com> wrote:
> > 
> > She will consider get more ram but it might be difficult to find
> > because it is something older than ddr I think (dpci?).
> The previous type of memory to DDR was SDRAM, which came in PC-66,
> PC-100 and PC-133 speeds. PC-66 was mid-1990s, roughly, PC-100 late
> '90s and PC-133 around the turn of the century. So it's possible but
> that would be a >10Y old PC.

Must be pc-133 because she said it was 6 years old. Thanks!

> > I said that if it was too slow
> > there where still alternatives (xfce I was thinking).
> In my experience, XFCE is not much lighter-weight than GNOME or Unity
> (although it does not require hardware 3D). LXDE (and Lubuntu) are the
> main lightweight alternative now, I think.

thanks for the heads up! She is now on unity2d i think though i did forget to check (face palm!) I had managed to set up some window animations on xfce but not on lxde. I wanted it not too look too dated, I found lxde to be too basic looking. Then again i must be spoilt by compiz & unity. Anyway see how it goes!

> > Over all I spent over two hours with her. But I think she really did
> > not need any of it given that for 10.04 we did not even speak and it
> > worked fine for her.
> Sounds good!

one hiccup i found was that i tried to setup her thunderbird for her 4 emails (uni-exsquirrl type?, Hotmail, gmail, ...) and none of them where autodetected. Did not have time to investigate further but i was guessing maybe the webclient needed to be configured.
A pity because 4 emails and being offline from time to time made it well worth configuring but we ran out of time!
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