[ubuntu-uk] copying data from one PC to another PC

Carlos carlos at fossbox.org.uk
Sat May 19 21:04:55 UTC 2012

Hello, I am quite interested on this question too... In a couple of
weeks I am about to upgrade a 10.04 LTSP Server to an 12.04 LTSP... and
I am going to backup home... Evolution Mail and all it's settings need
to be transfer back for each user (Old Mail, Folders etc) and how do I
go for creating the users again to replicate the old system.


On 19/05/12 07:35, Norman Silverstone wrote:
> This is probably elementary but it is the first time I have ever needed
> to do this. A new machine has been set up with Evolution and I want to
> transfer those files containing the data to do with my emails such as
> old mail received and sent. Also, I would like to transfer the bookmarks
> and, I suppose, cookies for Firefox. 
> Which files would I need to copy and what is the simplest way to do
> this, please. Thanks in advance.
> Norman
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