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Ivan Wright quidsup at gmail.com
Fri May 18 12:40:15 UTC 2012

> > Pity because during development it was absolutely fine, but post
> > release its been crashing daily and I've had to fix quite a few
> > little things that came out of the box working in 11.10.
> >
> What's been crashing specifically? Can you detail what has needed
> 'fixing'?

Installing gnome-tweak-tool brings in Gnome Shell desktop, which
immediately destabilised the whole system with regular app crashes. There
was also a weird set of black rectangles flickering in the top left-hand
side of the screen on bootup into Unity desktop, a minute or so later I
would get binned out to the login screen and then have to log back in.
No fix found, so I ended up having to reinstall Ubuntu, and then make
changes via MyUnity or dconf-editor

Still got the occasional problem with the black rectangles and getting
binned out, until I added the x-updates PPA, now it seems a lot more stable
with nvidia driver 295.53

>From the comments I've seen on my vids quite a few people using proprietary
nvidia drivers have suffered similar stability problems. My desktop
computer has an nvidia GTX 560TI card.
Similar setup on my netbook, which has an Intel graphics card doesn't
suffer any crashes.

The light coloured menus on Ambiance theme are difficult to read. I've
switched to AmbianceOneiric theme thats been featured on OMGUbuntu, it
works reasonably well in most apps, but its quite a mess to end up with.

Custom colour on Unity launcher doesn't work - Launchpad Bug 975350. Very
disappointing because that feature was working through development.

No Unity bar dodge effect. Another feature that was there in development
but then removed, we could have at least done with the option to enable
dodge effect.

Compiz Reflection effect fails to stay enabled between reboots. (Although
it works fine in Virtualbox, but not on a full system install)

Pulse Audio sound input defaults to Monitor of Soundcard, instead of a
Microphone. It also disregards any saved settings and reverts back to
default once audio recording has finished.
Corrected with command: pacmd set-default-source

Dconf-editor options missing:
apps > indicators > sound > interested-media-players
apps > indicators > sound > blacklist
Which means Im unable to remove Rhythmbox from Sound menu and replace it
with Clementine

Right-click menu on Nautilus brings up a different list of options
depending whether you click on the Filename or just to the side of the
Filename. If you click to the side any highlighted selections get cleared.
So if you hold down Ctrl and highlight various files with the intention of
cutting from one folder and moving to another, but in haste right-click
just to the side of a filename it clears the list and you have to start
over again.
I recently did that four times in a row in the end I was absolutely fuming

Whoopsie has excessive CPU usage in Ubuntu-Server. By doing apt-get remove
whoopsie I reduced the CPU loading by 40%

vsftpd in Ubuntu-Server fails to accept login credentials from
authenticated users. Same config in Ubuntu-Server 11.10 worked absolutely

Sorry thats a bit of a long read

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