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On 17/05/12 19:59, paul sutton wrote:
> Am i right in thinking the idea behind aptoncd is to create a local
> (say on cd or usb stick) apt repository ? that I can then point a
> netbook at and have it install from there (use software sources to
> point at the cd or usb stick) where the deb files etc are.  or
> perhaps copy the contents of the usb stick to the actual netbook
> and install that way ?

It creates a repository on a CD that you can then add as a software
source, or restore using APTonCD itself.  It takes the package files
from /var/cache/apt/archives to create the repository.  The typical
order of events is something like:

  * Install Ubuntu on machine A
  * Add a bunch of packages that weren't in the default installation
  * Use APTonCD to create a repository containing those packages
  * Take your CD to another Ubuntu installation

You can then either:

  * Insert the CD and use Software Sources > Other software > Add volume

OR, if APTonCD is installed on the destination machine:

  * Use the APTonCD restore function

If you choose the first option, the packages will be installed
directly from the CD and you won't get any new .deb files in
/var/cache/apt/archives, while choosing the second option restores all
the .deb files to /var/cache/apt/archives and installs them from there.


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