[ubuntu-uk] dual boot problem

Barry Drake ubuntu-advertising at gmx.com
Mon May 14 17:13:22 UTC 2012

On 14/05/12 13:41, Liam Proven wrote:
> That is true and correct, AFAICS, but to be honest, it would probably 
> be easier just to reinstall. Norman: at a minimum, you need 2 
> partitions. I suggest you shrink the Windows partition by about half 
> and use the rest of the space for an Extended partition. In there, you 
> put the Linux logical drives.

Liam, go back to the beginning of this problem.  The Ubuntu installer 
insists (probably quite reasonably) on wanting to have Windows on one 
drive, and Ubuntu on the other.  Norman wants both OS's dual booting on 
/dev/sda  There are only two ways to achieve this.  One is to disconnect 
/dev/sdb temporarily while installing Ubuntu, and the other is to 
partition manually.  This is what Norman has been attempting; it's just 
that he installed grub to the partition instead of installing it onto 

What you suggest above is actually what Norman has done already.

Regards,        Barry.

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