[ubuntu-uk] dual boot problem

Norman Silverstone norman at littletank.org
Sun May 13 15:47:17 UTC 2012

> > That's OK Barry, not to worry, time is on my side. I forget to mention 
> > that although I have used Ubuntu since Warty the emphasis is on used 
> > and not fiddled with. Instructions I can usually follow but age is not 
> > on my side (84 years young) Norman
> Right.  I'm a kid of only 70, so very able minded (I think not).  OK.  


> In the install dialogues, choose the 'Something else' option, and tell 
> Ubuntu to install to the newly created ext4 partition.  Make sure you 
> tell it to put the bootloader on the drive you are currently booting 
> from.  This is one place you need to be careful as this is where grub 
> will be installed and updated.  If you put it on the wrong drive, you 
> will need to boot into that drive!  So far so good.  You may get a 
> warning about installing to a partition and not a drive ....  but if you 
> have got it right, it should be workable.  The hold your breath and see 
> if you can boot after the installation has completed.
> Please don't shout at me if anything messes up.  This is not an easy 
> process, but I have done it two or three times before I started using a 
> dedicated drive for Windows and one for Ubuntu (with an extra one for 
> Ubuntu testing).  The latter arrangement is far far easier for me to 
> maintain.

I can understand and follow all that you say and, viewed theoretically,
it is very good. Where I am at a complete loss is how to practically
modify the partition containing  Windows. I suppose I should read up on
gparted before going any further.


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