[ubuntu-uk] Precisely as a child...

Bill Baker boosys at gmail.com
Sat May 12 10:07:59 UTC 2012

Some comparisons...

I decided to have a 2nd computer child - I called it "Precise" [my first
("Lucid") has grown up & left home - though still has a room in my house
(or hard disk as some call it)].

Many said it was too early but I went ahead.  The child was premature
-the specialists said it was born (a few months ago now) with a
condition called "alpha".  I nursed this child and fed it everyday [with

I scalded "alpha" when necessary [I told it of all bugs with its
character;  I watched the child grow to puberty and people nicknamed it
"beta" - by this time I had done what all good parents learn - I ignored
some failings as protests, I encouraged it & reprimanded it as necessary
(it was growing up very fast).

My new child is now a young adult - the specialists now tells me they
expect it will live longer than the generation before - a whole five

My new child has grown and is now also my friend - every parents dream.
It still has a few "iffy" friends which I feel have some improvement of
their own to be done. Other parents tell me this the norm for a young
adult - to have friends in their "software centre" that are not so well
behaved, but are also growing up - so I mostly ignore their faults
except for a frown at their parents now and again when I tell them that
their child should be out of their "buggy" by now.

Now a young adult, my child has been a pleasure to watch grow (though
hard work to put up with at first, I admit).  I am pleased. 

"Precise", now nearly at its coming of age party (on 12-04-01
apparently), has learned the ways of its older sibling & is happy to
follow them - with "Precise's" own character shining through.

If only my neighbours, the Windows family could look after their child
better - grown into a rich kid's hooligan!  I offer them my support
whenever they get into trouble - but oh they annoy me so much - so slow
to learn!

:)  good luck, good health & good fortune to us all... 

Bill B. [SuperEngineer]

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