[ubuntu-uk] Mounting NFS shares permanently

mac ammonius.grammaticus at gmx.co.uk
Sat May 12 09:52:10 UTC 2012

On 12/05/2012 00:08, Tyler J. Wagner wrote:
> I don't have the same setup, but perhaps my notes can help...

Thanks for going to the trouble of making suggestions about this 
problem.  It's good of you to spend time on it.

> Does your NAS only support NFSv3?

I doubt the NFS version is the issue:  I've got four 10.04 systems 
mounting these same NFS shares at startup perfectly correctly.  And I'm 
not trying to set up a server:  just one 12.04 client;  so the procedure 
ought simply to be

create mount points in /media;
install rpcbind and nfs-common;
lockdown rpcbind;
add the shares to fstab

> My hosts.allow/deny look like so:
> portmap mountd nfsd statd lockd rquotad :
> portmap mountd nfsd statd lockd rquotad : ALL

Because portmap is deprecated now, my hosts.deny file simple has
rpcbind : ALL

and hosts.allow has
rpcbind : <numeric ReadyNAS IP address>

But the problem is not that I'm locked out of the shares:  rather it's 
that 'mount.nfs' appears to think that rpc.statd is not running (which 
can't depend on what's in hosts.deny/allow, can it???).

> Perhaps you need to list statd here?

Mine is unedited - so it's the vanilla statd as installed in /etc/init.d 
on a new system.

Anyway, I've set the shares up with CIFS until a solution to this issue 
appears.  I hope this will happen magically, with the release of 12.04.1 
and the silkily glitch-free automatic upgrade of my existing 10.04 
systems to 12.04.  ;-)

(I guess you must have had success with a routine upgrade from 10.04 or 
11.10, given that you're still running portmap, for which apt-get now 
substitutes rpcbind?)

I must say, I'm a bit surprised that no one else here has experienced 
this problem with setting up NFS on 12.04 (and - because there are real 
engineers here who know acres more than me - solved it).

Again, many thanks for your suggestions about this.  Much appreciated!


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