[ubuntu-uk] Mounting NFS shares permanently

Tyler J. Wagner tyler at tolaris.com
Fri May 11 23:08:51 UTC 2012

On 2012-05-10 16:10, mac wrote:
> I mount NFS shares (served by a ReadyNAS) on my Ubuntu clients - all five
> of which were, till recently, running 10.04.  As a means of getting
> familiar with Unity, etc, I recently put 12.04 on to one machine.  (A clean
> install, as the attempted upgrade a few weeks ago failed.)

I don't have the same setup, but perhaps my notes can help. I use Ubuntu
server as a NAS and Ubuntu desktop as a client. The client mounts the NAS
via NFSv4 at boot via /etc/fstab. I used this guide:


Does your NAS only support NFSv3?

> Today, I got round to setting up the NFS shares on this 12.04 system in my
> usual way:  create mount points in /media;  install portmap and
> nfs-common;  lockdown portmap;  add the shares to fstab.
> Of course, I discovered at once that portmap is deprecated, and rpcbind
> installed instead.  So for the lockdown, I simply added "rpcbind : ALL" to
> /etc/hosts.deny, and "rpcbind  : NFS server IP address" to
> /etc/hosts.allow.  Otherwise, everything corresponds with what is working
> under 10.04 on the other four machines.

My hosts.allow/deny look like so:

portmap mountd nfsd statd lockd rquotad :
portmap mountd nfsd statd lockd rquotad : ALL

Perhaps you need to list statd here?


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