[ubuntu-uk] Precise - some thoughts .....

Sarah Chard sarah at streetentertainers.co.uk
Tue May 8 15:50:09 UTC 2012

On Tue, 2012-05-08 at 13:16 +0100, Colin Law wrote:

> Are you sure that an Android app is the best way to do this?  I would
> have thought that most who understand Android apps would have little
> difficulty getting into the boot menu.  Perhaps a web site would be
> better.

well lots of people use smartphone apps everyday just because they own
an android or iphone but have probably never been near the boot menu on
their computer  - so the idea is  it would just tell you which keys to
press to get to the boot menu on your particular machine and then how
you can choose your boot option.
We will  include the info on our website as well - so it's easy  to find

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