[ubuntu-uk] Ubuntu beginners course in North Tyneside

kpb kpb at sohcahtoa.org.uk
Sat May 5 19:38:38 UTC 2012

On 05/05/12 20:21, Bea Groves wrote:
> Hi!
> I'm actually the President of IfL -- so it sometimes helps in getting 
> educational bodies to do things they normally wouldn't ;-)

Er - yes I can see that you may have a bit of leverage there :-)

So I can expect to see a write up in the next IfL news? Might help the 
rest of us!

> I'm not against Unity. I just think I need to get my little bunch of 
> 'pioneers' used to something closer to what they're used to 
> Windows-wise than go with the redesigned (and controversial) UI. I've 
> discussed with my group the possibility of upgrading the memory sticks 
> later in the course, as and when they're feeling confident.

Probably very sensible move.

> On 05/05/12 19:20, kpb wrote:
>> On 05/05/12 19:00, Gareth France wrote:
>>>     I actually installed 10.10 (staying clear of Unity just for the
>>>     moment until all the controversy dies down a little) onto the 4GB
>>>     sticks using the Windows 'Universal USB installer'. Works like a
>>>     dream! Students plug in the stick, switch on the PC... and hey
>>>     presto! Later when we upgrade to a more recent LTS version we can
>>>     just reformat the sticks.
>>> It's a shame you feel pushed into ditching Ubuntu's biggest unique
>>> selling point. What Canonical have done with unity is amazing and I'm
>>> certain they're on the right path in the long run. It's just
>>> frustrating that people seem to have so much trouble ditching 20+
>>> years of UI baggage.
>> Hello Bea
>> Really well done.
>> Your experience has confirmed my resolve to run a couple of workshops at
>> the FE College where I teach. I'll probably go for freebie/3 GLH type
>> taster courses to begin with to test the water. FE Colleges get less
>> 'developmental' funding than adult education centres. I'll offer it as
>> staff development in June/July to begin with to see what activities work
>> best.
>> If the LibreOffice files for any of the resources below would help, just
>> let me know and I'll pop the dropbox links here. I guess you have lots
>> already for a 10 week course.
>> http://dl.dropbox.com/u/8403291/1204-poster-4.pdf
>> Unity 12.04 poster for those who use 10.04
>> http://sohcahtoa.org.uk/pages/files/unity2dguide.pdf
>> Unity 11.10 guide aimed at Windows people
>> http://sohcahtoa.org.uk/pages/files/live-cd-quick-start.pdf
>> A Live CD guide.
>> Gareth:
>> My teenagers and 19-24 students can sort Unity in a minute or two when I
>> lend them my little 1024/600px netbook in lessons. The adults struggle a
>> bit to be honest. Would need an overview/explanation, but a 10 week
>> course would be great.

Keith Burnett

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