[ubuntu-uk] Ubuntu beginners course in North Tyneside

Gareth France gareth.france at gmail.com
Sat May 5 18:00:57 UTC 2012

> I actually installed 10.10 (staying clear of Unity just for the moment
> until all the controversy dies down a little) onto the 4GB sticks using the
> Windows 'Universal USB installer'. Works like a dream! Students plug in the
> stick, switch on the PC... and hey presto! Later when we upgrade to a more
> recent LTS version we can just reformat the sticks.

It's a shame you feel pushed into ditching Ubuntu's biggest unique selling
point. What Canonical have done with unity is amazing and I'm certain
they're on the right path in the long run. It's just frustrating that
people seem to have so much trouble ditching 20+ years of UI baggage.
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