[ubuntu-uk] Ubuntu beginners course in North Tyneside

Bea Groves beagroves at gmail.com
Sat May 5 17:50:03 UTC 2012

Hi Alan!

I'm really pleased that you like the the new course concept. I'm going 
to try to keep on plugging away for it to become a regular feature on 
North Tyneside's curriculum.

I actually installed 10.10 (staying clear of Unity just for the moment 
until all the controversy dies down a little) onto the 4GB sticks using 
the Windows 'Universal USB installer'. Works like a dream! Students plug 
in the stick, switch on the PC... and hey presto! Later when we upgrade 
to a more recent LTS version we can just reformat the sticks.

With a small persistent file allocated for storage the students can play 
with the system and keep their changes from week to week. The PCs have 
just 1GB RAM (which put paid to the idea of using VirtualBox), but 
Ubuntu seems to run speedily using this unorthodox approach.

I'll stay in touch if that's OK? If this is a success it might be 
possible to expand the curriculum to other boroughs across Tyneside. And 
then... who knows? My policy has been: show 'em how easy and fun it is, 
tell 'em it's free, and they'll never want Windows again.

Any ideas that might contribute to keeping this going... then let me 
know. I'm the only tutor in adult ed' doing this sort of thing up here, 
and I could do with all the help I can get :-)


On 05/05/12 18:22, Alan Pope wrote:
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> Hi Bea,
> This is excellent!
> On 05/05/12 10:14, Bea Groves wrote:
>> We're also having to run the course in rather 'experimental'
>> circumstances. The powers-that-be wouldn't let me install Ubuntu
>> to their PC HDDs, so we're having to run Ubuntu from bootable
>> memory sticks. Works pretty much OK though, and the students can
>> (of course) have the same experience at home if they wish.
> I'd imagine that would be okay if the machines have sufficient RAM and
> have been tested before hand. Might be worth installing onto USB keys
> rather than just using the usb startup disk creator, so they can carry
> on using it later. (not sure if that's what you meant or not)
>> This is very much a beginners (level 1) course, taught by someone
>> (me) who was trained ' the MS way', but has converted to the FOSS
>> agenda over the years. Practical experience is the thing that makes
>> people convinced about software though, so I think having 10 weekly
>> sessions with Ubuntu should produce a positive outcome!
> Let us know if you need some help!
> Cheers,
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