[ubuntu-uk] Nvidia-settigns application and Over-scan problems

Bill Cumming bill at s0l.co.uk
Sat May 5 14:38:38 UTC 2012


Hope someone here can help me.

I'm using 2 monitors currently on my main system It's an Nvidia ION
based motherboard.

I'm running Ubuntu 12.04

The problem is that the Nvidia-Settings app is not saving the settings
for the second monitor.
I've used the following Nvidia Drivers (all have the same problem)
302.07 (beta)

It seems to be a problem with Ubuntu 12.04 and Nvidia-settings

With 302.07 it no longer give you the option to change the "over-scan"
in the Nvidia-Settings" application, making you add settings in the
"xorg.conf" instead by adding "metamodes" to the file.


"DFP-0: 1920x1080 { ViewPortOut=1900x1060+10+10 }"

I've tried amending my xorg.conf but it does not seem to make any
difference to the monitor output..

Anyone got any hints or ideas?

Going back to a single screen is looking good at the moment...


Bill Cumming

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Email: bill at s0l.co.uk
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