[ubuntu-uk] Best way to contribute to Ubuntu? - was Re: 12.04 has locked me out of my account

kpb kpb at sohcahtoa.org.uk
Fri May 4 14:48:05 UTC 2012

On 04/05/12 07:59, Alan Pope wrote:
> One point which came up was that 12.04 was very stable from very early 
> on in the cycle. There were very few catastrophic breakages which led 
> to a broken desktop (such as X version migrations or compiz/unity 
> inconsistencies in packaging). It was (more often than not) possible 
> to get to a working graphical desktop at any point in the 12.04 cycle. 

It certainly was stable on the hardware I use at least.

> We are adamant that we should keep that for 12.10. It should be 
> possible to upgrade to 12.10 around the Alpha 1 stage and keep it as 
> your main desktop through the entire cycle, knowing you'll be 
> relatively safe to do so.

Thanks for taking the time to post a long reply and I hope your 'sprint' 
is a success.

I think I'll use the spare partition to put a self contained 10.04 on, 
add some files and create a mail profile in Evolution &c, then upgrade 
via the software update to 12.04, then await 12.04 Alpha 1 and see what 
crawls out from under the paving stones. I'll just keep on doing the 
routine updates as Alpha goes to Beta &c.

I'm mainly interested in where Unity and HUD are going, but I may as 
well do something that might throw up something useful.

@Piskie: I'll lurk on Ubuntu+1 to see what others find, confirm bugs &c


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