[ubuntu-uk] Annoying stuff about Ubuntu Unity

Bruno Girin brunogirin at gmail.com
Wed May 2 22:12:01 UTC 2012

On 02/05/12 19:57, Paul Tansom wrote:
> ** James Morrissey <morrissey.james1 at gmail.com> [2012-05-02 15:09]:
>>> If it's not a silly question, what is Super-W supposed to do? It does nothing
>>> on my machine, although this may be because by running dual screens I seem to
>>> be forced into Unity 2D - some suggest you should be able to run 3D on 2
>>> screens, but I've had no luck so far :(
>> It doesn't work on Unity 2D. If you are getting reverted back to unity
>> 2D on a dual monitor setup it might be because you don't have enough
>> ram on your system to run the graphics.
>> On a single monitor with 3D you should be able to see super+w in action.
> ** end quote [James Morrissey]
> I do seem to be forced to a 2D setup with dual monitors. RAM wise I have 8G,
> with 1G on each of my two graphics cards. I suspect the main issue may be that
> they are AMD/ATI Radeon cards. Ubuntu 11.10 wouldn't even install with them as
> I could get no GUI to configure through, I haven't tried a 12.04 live CD yet,
> although I am running 12.04 now having installed 11.10 and upgraded a few
> months back (different graphics card on install, but also ATI Radeon).

That's very possible as I have no problem running 3D in a dual monitor
setup with an Intel core i5 integrated graphics controller. On the other
hand, the laptop with the Radeon card is running 2D (also possibly
because it's older and less powerful).


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