[ubuntu-uk] Problem installing

alan c aeclist at candt.waitrose.com
Wed May 2 21:38:58 UTC 2012

On 01/05/12 00:10, David Smith wrote:
> At the risk of someone having had a similar problem, I'm struggling
> to install Ubuntu on my desktop.  My netbook accepted Xubuntu
> absolutely fine, and I am getting to grips it.  My desktop however
> won't accept Ubuntu x86.
> I have tried with a CDROM and unetbootin, with the live CD and with
> the alternative installler.  The best I have got is for it to
> install using the alternative, but not boot up -- it just hangs
> indefinitely after GRUB.
> Intel E7300 CPU 3GB RAM ECS GF7050VT-M5 motherboard Nvidia 1GB 550
> Ti (Asus) SATA 0 is 1TB Seagate NTFS Windows 7 x64 SATA 1 is 160GB
> Maxtor NTFS data (2x 80GB partitions for some reason). SATA 3 is
> TSST DVDRW IDE Primary Master is EXT4 Ubuntu, Linux swap and GRUB
> loader.
> Bearing in mind that I could not get it to boot with a live CD, it
> is unlikely to have anything to do with where GRUB is, especially
> as that was how I had it under Kubuntu 11.10.
> Is there any way of getting some more details, like from a verbose
> screen during boot?  Or does anyone see anything in my HW
> configuration that has been resolved already?
> Thanks in advace,
> Dave Smith Windows technician and Ubuntu afficionado.
> P.S., saw a UUKML user's email address as being
> something at sohcahtoa.something.  Not thought of Sohcahtoa since high
> school.  Funny how it all comes back!

One facility I have  begun to need to use more and more is the 
nomodeset option, might be worth a look?
main info:
it is needed in several machines I (or friends) have currently.
alan cocks

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