[ubuntu-uk] 12.04 Installer Doesn't Detect Partitions

Barry Drake ubuntu-advertising at gmx.com
Wed May 2 14:11:39 UTC 2012

On 02/05/12 14:40, Joe Alam wrote:
> I checked in GParted and the entire drive shows as "unallocated". I 
> guess this means there's some serious error somewhere on my disk?

Is there any way you can view the SMART data?  There are tools for 
Windows as well as Ubuntu that can do the SMART tests.  That should tell 
you if you have a hardware drive problem or a partitioning problem.
> I'll start backing up some important stuff, but is there any way to 
> fix this without removing partitions?

I think I'd repartition rather than take risks.  But fully test the 
drive first.  There will be a bootable drive tool for whatever make or 
type of drive you have.  I'd complete the backup before testing the 
drive just in case it's close to total failure.

Regards,        Barry.

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