[ubuntu-uk] Annoying stuff about Ubuntu Unity

Alan Lord (News) alanslists at gmail.com
Wed May 2 07:29:03 UTC 2012

On 02/05/12 01:15, Alan Pope wrote:
> I had a chat with a couple of the developers today. It seems one of
> the big issues they have is that java doesn't export any information
> about the application running through X. So it doesn't let on what pid
> the windows belong to, what application is running in the window etc.
> So doing the window matching is incredibly hard.
> The fix apparently is to fix java to export that data.

That is interesting. Thanks for looking into it.

But it does beg the thought... in earlier versions of Gnome/Ubuntu 
(10.10 for me until Sunday morning) this wasn't an issue. I had a load 
of buttons along the bottom panel to show me what apps I had running 
(minimised or not). And Talend/Eclipse etc. did work. Now they don't.

I doubt Java has changed that much so I would consider this a regression.



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