[ubuntu-uk] Problems printing PDFs from Adobe Reader

paul sutton zleap at zleap.net
Fri Mar 30 18:32:44 UTC 2012

On 30/03/12 18:45, David King wrote:
> Has anyone else recently had difficulties in printing PDF files from
> Adobe Reader in Ubuntu?
> I am finding that printing to my laser printer (Brother HL-5150D) is
> not always working from Adobe Reader (9.4.7). It used to work
> perfectly. I like to use this for its booklet printing facility, which
> the FOSS PDF readers lack. The laser printer just starts flashing its
> red light, which means there is an error, but I have no idea what the
> error is. CUPS has not given me any clues either.
> I can print the same files normally from Document Viewer 2.32.0, but
> not as booklets, which for most PDFs is fine.
> But when I want to print a booklet, I find I have to go into Windows
> (via VirtualBox) and use the Windows version of Adobe Reader to print
> to PDF as a booklet, and then in Ubuntu print that new PDF as a normal
> PDF.
> The PDFs are nothing special, mostly text, some just text and no
> graphics of any kind.
> Is there a PDF reader in Linux that can do booklet printing?
> I am using Ubuntu 10.10 (I know it is old now, I plan to move to a
> later version soon).
> David King

Hmm,  i am having similar issues with my brother mfc j615w,  according
to cups its out of ink,   however it certainly isn;t out of ink as i can
print from a memory stick and from windows.

on a 2nd note,  I have tried to print a pdf and it has ended up as
jibberish as if the character encoding is all wrong, oddly if I print a
2nd time it looks fine,   as I am currently printing from windows it
could be an issue with pdf reader under windows (adobe) or the actual
print drivers,  to make life harder it's rather inconsistent,  with this

Will keep poking around



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