[ubuntu-uk] Unity launcher ....

scoundrel50a scoundrel50a at gmail.com
Fri Mar 23 22:44:17 UTC 2012

On 23/03/2012 22:34, Barry Drake wrote:
> On 23/03/12 22:04, Alan Pope wrote:
>> Personally I am in this for the long haul. Each 6 monthly release is 
>> fantastic, but I'm thinking years away from now, and I'm happy to 
>> persevere through the rough times because I think the long term goal 
>> is worth it.
> Alan - well said! Folk who really want to see progress will go along 
> with what Ubuntu is doing right now. Sure, it isn't perfect, but it is 
> amazing. Anyone who still has doubt, start testing Windows 8 ..... 
> 'shoot' and 'foot' spring to mind.
> Regards, Barry.
Windows 8 is like running the phone version, which is about 
apps.......which is the almost the same as running google chrome OS 
which I have had a go at both, if people have wondows phones its just a 
continuation/upgrade, from what I have been playing with....it takes a 
bit of getting used to as far as using other windows programs, but its 
not that confusing.....

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