[ubuntu-uk] Unity launcher ....

Daniel Case danielcase10 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 23 21:45:35 UTC 2012

On 23 March 2012 21:21, Neil Greenwood <neil.greenwood.lug at gmail.com> wrote:
> They spent lots of money testing different behaviours

In my opinion, this is where the problem lies. The main people Linux
attracts, no matter which way you look at it, are hackers (in the
general sense). The reason Ubuntu grew was because the hackers
advocated it, gave it to users to try when Windows broke or when they
complained and could reasonably say "this is better". It's a hacker
culture, reaching out to the wider world and telling them there is
something different, something better that you can try, and taught
them how to use it. Now hackers are good with computers, they know
what they are doing (in an ideal world)

I gave 10.04 to someone who originally had Windows 7, he didn't know
much about computers, you should have seen his face when he realized
he could have all his applications at the bottom in an easy to reach
fashion again and we talked about how "simplicity" and "design" go
hand in hand and conquer all others.

The more complex it is to navigate through to get to what you want to
do, the more of a pain in the ass it becomes. The OS should be
seamless, it should keep out of the way when it isn't needed, and
allow users to find precisely what they want quickly when it is
needed, that to me, is a perfect OS. The direction we are all heading
is away from simplicity.

Simplicity is key to hackers, Unity interferes with that, it makes you
more hands on with the OS. This perhaps makes it marginally easier for
the new user, but it makes life more difficult for the hacker.

Which brings me back to my first point, who's going to advocate Ubuntu
if it annoys the hacker and makes life more difficult?

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