[ubuntu-uk] Introducing Ubuntu & Unity to new people

SuperEngineer boosys at gmail.com
Sun Mar 11 13:47:37 UTC 2012

On Sun, 2012-03-11 at 12:44 +0000, Alan Pope wrote:
> Lets suppose you're in a relaxed location, your home or business
> maybe, and a distant family member, friend or co-worker (someone you
> know but not very well) says "Hey, what's that on your computer?".
> Assume you only have a short while to demo Ubuntu to them - maybe 5 to
> 10 minutes - you don't want to spend all day boring them and you don't
> want to eat up your/their family/work time.
> Leaving aside the explanation of what Free Software is, and what the
> Ubuntu project does, but focussing for now on "What it does and how
> it's a cool, useful, productive tool", what would you show them? I am
> of course assuming Ubuntu and Unity here :)
> Here's a few things I'd consider showing them.
> * Dash/Launcher - showing how I search for and start apps, and how I
> switch between applications and files
> * Default apps - show that it comes with office, IM, graphics, CD/DVD
> burner, email etc pre-installed
> * Software centre - how I can find apps, read reviews and install new
> stuff
> What about you? What would you show and tell?
> Cheers,
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I'd have a [verified/praised] list of Windows apps -> Ubuntu/Linux
equivalents ready to show as well.... and for the really stuck in a
block of Windows concrete types I'd have Wine installed as well - or
least a readiness to explain if needed.

I'd also be carrying a netbook with me wherever I go - just to prove to
them how much faster life can be! - ooo - just thought - I do ;)  

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