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Alan Pope alan.pope at canonical.com
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On 07/03/12 13:28, Liam Proven wrote:
> Hey, it's a hella cool toy for £15 (standalone model) or £25 (with 
> LAN). They sold out the initial production run in about 3min, at
> 6AM, and there have been 7 orders a second ever since. Looks like
> they will sell several million units.

Indeed! I know it's had some detractors, especially in the BeagleBoard
and Pandaboard communities. I can't help thinking there's a touch of
sour grapes there given the alliance those devices have with Broadcom

Mine is due to arrive April 16th or so. I've already been asked by the
ICT guy at my kids school if I can take it in and let him have a play
with it. He wants to get some for the school to expand their ICT work.

> My hope is that they do really well and it results in a second
> version which is a bit more powerful and a bit more open.

Yeah. The initial one should work fine for a bit, especially for
inquisitive minds. I would imagine a set of classes could easily be
setup around the devices.

> I think someone is working on a Lubuntu version, or at least a
> custom LXDE port.

That's good to hear. The screenshots and demos I've seen seem to be
showing LXDE on (I expect) Debian. I'd be happy to run Debian on mine.
Mind you that's the beauty of those SD cards, you can have lots of
them each with different desktops & distros etc.

Looking forward to playing with it!
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