[ubuntu-uk] Rules of engagement or etiquette?

Andres andresmp at gmail.com
Fri Mar 2 10:27:42 UTC 2012

On 29/02/12 21:21, alan c wrote:
> On 29/02/12 18:30, Andres Muniz wrote:
>> Liam said:
>>> Not yet, no. It's not yet in beta. It's too soon.
>> i mean unity 11.10. This person is using 10.04 (LTS)
>>> I'd plug the offending machine into the network with a cable and do a
>>> full update. If that still does not resolve the problem, try one of
>>> the newer kernels.
>> how do i try a new kernel in ubuntu 10.04? I thought it was updated automatically.
> It should be updated automatically, and in a distance support
> situation I would be pretty reluctant to run another kernel.
> It is possible that the machine has not been fully updated, or that an
> update has got screwed. This happened a number of times with a friend
> of mine I help, I guess because the internet connection at the time
> was flakey and I think the machine would have got switched off
> regardless and maybe not recovered properly.
> I am still using 10.04 (although also running 11.10 unity, and 12.04
> alpha)  and all of my novice friends are likewise running 10.04 (LTS).
> This means I have time to catch up with Unity , which I quite like,
> and also it gives unity more time to get slick, which it is certainly
> doing as seen in my 12.04 alpha installation.
> My intention is to let my 'users' know that a change in look and feel
> is coming, and I have suggested to them that an update  somewhere mid
> year would be a good thing. I will spend time with each of them to
> ensure they are settled with it then.
> Exceptions are my wife, who as a non tech user instantly demanded the
> cool new look on her cool looking meenee laptop (!) (which came with
> pre installed 10.10 I think). I am still holding off another friend
> who wanted the cool new look when the beta of 11.04 was seen in
> passing! I am sure the end users will be happy and find stuff simpler
> than they do now, and I will  have no need to keep talking about which
> menu things are in. But as an 'admin' I will need to be just a bit
> more conversant with dancing around in unity than I am now. Not much
> more but still more.
> I like Unity and I am looking forward to using it all the time, but I
> want to do that only when my novice friends are using the same as
> myself. It is easier to support them that way, and I am busy anyway.
Thanks for that! good advice!

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