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> On Mon, 25 Jun 2012 18:30:07 +0100
> john <john at creationspacetech.org> wrote:
> > Hi All,
> > 
> > I really believe that Ubuntu could do something better than the folks
> > at both Mac and Microsoft.
> > 
> > The new internet based economy is turning out to be very different to
> > the Web1 economy. In the Intention or Community based economy, the
> > emphasis is turning away from being sold products, such as an iPad. To
> > the customer actually engaging in the development process. 
> Hello John and all
> Interesting idea, craft fair software?
> http://developer.ubuntu.com/showdown/
> Is there any way for end users to *suggest* apps for people to build
> through the USC?
> Sort of Reddit or Hacker News karma system for suggestions?

There is a reddit channel for suggestions and you can make it appear on software centre as expensive as you like. I'm trying to do something but failing to even the simplest program due to lack of concentration. But I'll keep trying.  Workshops are  great! 

Since the subject came up. If i was using oneric (or older) and i wanted to update quickly to the latest and greatest... Is there a "set a source" approach or would compiling it be the only opton? 
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