[ubuntu-uk] Grsync equivalent

Bill B. boosys at gmail.com
Fri Jul 20 20:27:04 UTC 2012

On Fri, 2012-07-20 at 19:58 +0100, Bill B. wrote:
> Hi folks,
> Rather than risk a "dodgy" download to firms WinXP enforced laptop, does
> anyone know of a good, *safe* equivalent to Grsync [graphical front end
> of/for rsync] available for WindowsXP.
> I want to sync a USB of work tech docs stored on their [enforced XP]
> laptop - much as I do to sync from their laptop to my Ubuntu netbook &
> desktop.
> To have the 2 way sync would really help as I often edit some of these
> docs [on my own desktop or netbook] & want to keep both machines aligned
> in the docs folder.. 

Thanks for the help & suggestions folks.
Time to go try.
Bill B. [SuperEngineer]

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